Annual Meeting and Exposition 2015

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Exhibiting Interest List



Interested in exhibiting with us at the 2016 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Salt Lake City, UT, August 13-16? Click the Exhibiting Interest List button above to complete a quick survey to provide us with your information/booth requirements, and we send you the RSVP/booth contact email. 

Our 2016 Exhibitor Prospectus is forthcoming. Please refer to the 2015 Exhibitor Prospectus for general information about the Annual Meeting and Expo. 

Show Dates: August 13-16, 2016
Location: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Exhibitor Move-in: August 12 & 13

A total of 7 exclusive expo hours with no overlap on Sunday, August 14 and Monday, August 15

Online Booth Selection Lottery Dates
Technology & Business Services side of the hall: Wednesday, February 3
Hospitality & Meeting Services side of the hall: Thursday, February 4

Stats About Our Attendees at the 2015 Show:

  • Ratio of 61% buyers vs. 39% sellers
  • 26% were first-time attendees
  • 78% of attendees are final decision makers or have significant influence when it comes to purchasing products or services

Groups and Blocks:

If you want to ensure your booth is next to another company, you will need to complete a block/group form. You must name a Group/Block Leader who will need to complete this form prior to December 21.  Additionally, each member of the group/block will need to complete the RSVP.  If a member of your group or block needs an RSVP, please have them contact us at or 202.626.2805.

Booth Selection Lottery Info:

The actual online booth selection lottery will take place in February. The RSVP email was sent on Monday, November 16 to your 2015 booth contact.  If you did not receive the RSVP or have a new contact, please email us at or call us at 202-626-2805 to get an RSVP sent to you.  

2016 Lottery Booth Rates:

  Pre Lottery Pricing Post Lottery Pricing


Members Nonmembers Members Nonmembers
Shared $2,675 $3,175 $2,825 $3,325
10x10 Inline $4,300 $4,800 $4,450 $4,950
10x10 Corner $4,550 $5,050 $4,700 $5,200
10x20 Inline $8,600 $9,600 $8,900 $9,900
10x20 Corner $8,850 $9,850 $9,150 $10,150
10x30 Inline $12,900 $14,400 $13,350 $14,850
10x30 Corner $13,150 $14,650 $13,600 $15,100
10x40 Inline $17,200 $19,200 $17,800 $19,800
10x40 Corner $17,450 $19,450 $18,050 $20,050
20x20 Island $18,200 $20,200 $18,800 $20,800
20x30 Island $26,800 $29,800 $27,700 $30,700
20x40 Island $35,400 $39,400 $36,600 $40,600
20x50 island $44,000 $49,000 $45,500 $50,500














Note: signing up for a booth during lottery will save you $150 per 10x10 booth space! Also, to determine pricing for additional sizes, use the cost per 10x10 and multiply by the number of booths you desire.

As always, if we can be of assistance in any way, please email or call 202.626.2805.