Annual Meeting FAQ's

Annual Meeting FAQ's

Make the most of your Annual Meeting & Expo conference experience by reviewing the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

What health credentials do I need this year to pick up my badge at ASAE registration?

All attendees will be required to show proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of badge pickup for the ASAE Annual Meeting. This departs from ASAE’s previous policy requiring proof of vaccination prior to admittance. Please download the CLEAR app and use it to show proof of your negative test. 

When will I receive the code enabling me to upload my negative test to the Clear app? 

The code EFATTENDEE61 was emailed to attendees on Tuesday, August 16 and can be found on the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition web site.

What guidelines do I need to follow to show proof of a negative test? 

At-home tests are acceptable and negative test results can be uploaded via the Health Pass in CLEAR app, which is the easiest way to show proof of a negative test. Please follow this step-by-step guide for how to use the CLEAR app and upload your proof of negative results. Attendees who do NOT want to use the CLEAR app can show a photo of the test via phone or iPad when checking in at the health and safety desk on site.

The test must be date stamped (done automatically when you take a picture) within 48 hours of your arrival at the ASAE registration desk. Please note, using the CLEAR app is the quickest way to join the festivities without delay. 

Are attendee guest required to show proof of negative COVID test if only attending ASAE evening events? 

Yes, guests must show proof of a negative test, even if only attending evening events. They have the option to use the CLEAR app or show negative test as a picture in their phone or a printout. 

Will we have to show proof of a negative test every day, every 48 hours, or just the one time? 

Just one time when you pick up your badge at registration. 

What happens if I forget to take a negative test before I arrive? Will there be testing available on site? 

The onsite testing room should be used for attendees exposed to COVID while onsite. We will allow those registrants who do not have a picture with them to complete the initial test in the onsite testing room. Optional testing will be available in the on-site testing room through Tuesday, Aug. 23. The on-site testing room will be staffed by a medical professional/nurse. Mask-wearing in the on-site testing room will be mandatory. There is no fee for attendees using the onsite testing room. 

Do I need to wear a mask during the conference?  

Mask-wearing at the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition by attendees is encouraged and optional, except in the testing room where mask wearing is mandatory. 

Will I be notified if an attendee tests positive on site? 

Typically cases are reported to ASAE after the event, in which case an email will be sent out to attendees. Participants are expected to take precautions during ASAE that align with their level of risk tolerance—mask wearing, etc… 

How do I add a la carte tickets/packages to my registration? 

Please follow these steps to add to your registration: 

1. Log into the Attendee Service Center here:? 
2. On the left, click the link to “Update Your Registration.” 
3. Click the “Edit” link next to your name. 
4. Scroll to the bottom of your registration form and click the “continue” button through the first few pages of the form with all your demographic detail. 
5. After those first few pages, you’ll come to the pages with various a la carte options – from there, place a "1" or a checkmark (depending on the form prompt) next to the ticket you’d like to add. 
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep clicking the “continue” button through the last few pages of the registration form. 
7. On the final page, you’ll come to the payment information screen, where you’ll be able to enter your credit card details. 

Can I have my coworker/someone else pick up my badge for me? 

No, you must be present to pick up your badge in person (we do not release them to anyone but the attendee directly). 

My flight gets in late on Saturday, can I get into the Opening Celebration if I have not picked up my badge yet? 

Yes, we will have the Registration Team on site at the Ascend Amphitheater who will be confirming registrations and providing wristbands for the event. You can come straight there from the airport and pick up your badge at Music City Center on Sunday morning. 


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