Hidden Disabilities Sunflower - A Global Network

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower - A Global Network

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What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

Did You Know?
+ An estimated 1.3 billion people experience some form of disability today - 16% of the world's population!
+ Many people live with a disability that is not visible, and acquired at some point in their life - largest minority group in the world, and one that any of us can join at any time

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Some disabilities, conditions or chronic illnesses are not immediately obvious to others. For some people, this can make it hard to understand and believe that someone, with a “non-visible” condition genuinely needs support. Some people question whether you have a disability because you don’t look ‘like you have a disability".

That is why HD Sunflower USA Corp, created the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower - to encourage inclusivity, acceptance and understanding.

It is a simple tool for people to share that they have a hidden disability voluntarily. We’re often asked, “How can I help?”  However big or small, increasing awareness and showing support will move us closer to a society where people understand that an offer of help, understanding and kindness makes a difference to the daily experiences of someone with a hidden disability. Simply by wearing the Sunflower, it's letting everyone know that you might need extra help, understanding, or just more time.

Help ASAE spread the word and educate your colleagues, clients and cohorts! There will be limited Sunflower lanyards and wristbands onsite at the main registration desk to either encourage conference participants to ask how they can help you, or just to show support/increase awareness.

Together, we can:

+ Create safe spaces for someone to share that they have a hidden disability
+ Opening channels to have honest discussions about disability - not avoiding
+ Offering the same opportunities for everyone, and a voice to impact the industry - providing "seats at the table"

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