Pre-conference Exploration Labs

Pre-conference Exploration Labs

Saturday, August 10
1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

additional fee Separate registration fee applies

CEO Summit additional fee

Elevate your leadership at the ASAE CEO Summit, the premier gathering for association CEOs and Executive Directors. This exclusive event offers a supportive environment for connecting with peers, sharing experiences, and addressing common challenges. Enhance your personal, organizational, and community leadership skills, empowering you to guide your organization to new heights.

Experience cutting-edge ideas, share your expertise, and benefit from the collective wisdom of fellow CEOs. Created by CEOs for CEOs, this event provides a safe space to discuss challenges openly, exchange solutions, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders. Join us to elevate your leadership journey and position your organization for success in today's ever-evolving landscape.

Must be an association CEO/Executive Director to attend.

Moderator: Randy Fiser, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Advisor 360
Juan Amador, CAE, Executive Director, Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
Preet Bassi, CAE, CEO, Center for Public Safety Excellence Inc
Stephanie Mercado, CAE, CPHQ, CEO, National Association for Healthcare Quality
Peter O’Neil, CAE, FASAE, CEO, ASIS International

Designing Tomorrow: Navigating the Future of Meetings additional fee

Keeping up with changing trends and audience expectations is critical to staying relevant and engaging. Join us on this deep dive into the ever-evolving world of events where we will explore what lies ahead for meetings in the future.

This dynamic session will contain three parts:

  • Trends, tips, tools, and tricks – where we will share what is working, what isn’t, and what’s on the horizon.
  • Real-world success stories – where association event leaders will share valuable insights on new models they have tried.
  • A hands-on scenario session – where we will apply your new knowledge through an interactive event ideation session. You’ll not only roll up your sleeves and have a little fun, but you’ll also experience an engaging format that you can bring back and apply to your next event.

Designed for event professionals at all levels, this program is a must-attend for anyone who wants to level up their events.

Jason Dunn, CEO, National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals
Matt Gruhn, President, Marine Retailers Association of the Americas
Earla Jones, MS, CMP, Director, Conference Services and Operations, American Library Association
Beth Surmont, CAE, VP, Event Strategy & Design, SmithBuckin


Disrupt or Be Disrupted: How to Transform Your Innovation Pipeline additional fee

Clinging to an outdated business model in today's rapidly changing landscape is a recipe for failure, as many once-successful organizations have discovered. So how do you adapt on the fly? Explore the strategies of organizations that reinvented themselves as technology and behaviors shifted. You’ll gain insights into creating an agile business model leveraging AI and other innovations to respond to evolving markets. Most crucially, you’ll learn to foster a culture that actively seeks out speculative ventures as vital for growth. Simply surviving disruption is not enough—organizations must embrace relentless innovation to thrive amid constant change. Discover tactics to keep your organization nimble, responsive, and relevant in a world that waits for no one. Hear how to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth in an ever-changing landscape. Understand how to drive digital transformation by using data, emerging technologies, and enhanced transactional experiences to improve member retention. And finally, gain the tips you need to manage your board’s expectations and gain their support for your journey to leverage disruption and lead your industry.

Eric O’Connor. Chief Innovation Officer, American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology
Sheri Jacobs, CAE, President and CEO, Avenue M Group LLC


Navigating Divergent Beliefs: A Strategic Guide for Association Execs additional fee

In an era marked by heightened political polarization, escalating tensions surrounding elections, and divisions on issues such as DEI and sustainability goals, association executives face the complex challenge of navigating divergent beliefs within their memberships. As the landscape becomes increasingly fraught with potential conflicts, the need for effective strategies to foster understanding and unity has never been more crucial. Association executives need practical insights and actionable approaches to navigate and mitigate conflicts arising from divergent beliefs among their members. Address key challenges and gain a roadmap for building resilience within your organization amid political turbulence and societal shifts. Glean valuable insights, practical tools, and case studies to empower yourself to effectively navigate the challenges of divergent beliefs within your associations. Leave equipped with a strategic toolkit to foster a culture of understanding, resilience, and unity, ensuring the continued success for your organization in an ever-evolving landscape.

Kristi Donovan, CAE, Practice Director, McKinley Advisors
Patrick Glaser, MA, MPA, Chief Practice Officer, McKinley Advisors
Tim Hopkins, CAE, Practice Director, McKinley Advisors
Vicki Deal-Williams, Chief Executive Officer, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


Small Staff, Big Success: Crafting a Thriving Technology Ecosystem additional fee

A successful technology ecosystem means your teams and technologies are working together to make your association thrive. With a small staff working at max capacity, a never-ending wish list of new ideas amidst a fast-changing technology landscape, and a blurry line defining who is responsible for technology management, how and when does a small association make the best tech decisions to bring balance, build collaboration, establish dynamic processes that ensure efficiencies, align with strategic goals, and deliver member value? Join two associations and their guides on their journeys to create successful technology ecosystems. Understand the blind spots, pitfalls, complexities, and communication you may miss along the way and find the stepping stones to success. Leave with an action plan for next steps.

Rebecca E. Achurch, CAE, CEO, Achurch Consulting
Moira Hoban Edwards, MS,CAE, President, Ellipsis Partners LLC
Carolyn Hook, Membership Outreach & Database Manager, North American Society for Trenchless Technology
Anne R. Ornelas, Senior Manager, Business Systems & Strategic Initiatives, CASSS - Sharing Science Solutions
Erin Trost, Project Manager, Achurch Consulting


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